Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is JD Global?

A: JD Global is an international tutoring agency that provides comprehensive training programs for k-12 students from age 7 to 20 who are willing to take intensive stimulating questionnaires for Standardized Tests like FCAT, PSAT, SAT, etc. in order to advance their grades for desired college admission. In the past 20 years such has been proven successful.

Q: What are the training packages?

A: The training packages are customized for different grade students who are realizing their grades are not satisfactory to get into their preferred colleges. Through this program each student will be emphasized on his or her weakest point by given high quality tests to enhance his or her individual skills in logical thinking, problem-solving and test-taking ability.

Q: How the program works?

A: Within 100 days, before the FCAT test, each student will be assigned one quality practice test each day in Mathematics and English Reading. When the student finishes the test, the scores will be automatically calculated and presented to both parent and student electronically. If there are wrong answers, the results will be recorded on your chart which will give the tutor a chance to identify this student’s weakness, wherein the student will be assigned more of the same questions to solve in order to avoid future mistakes.

Q: Where I can contact the tutor?

A: You can contact the tutor 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
Tel:  (321) 262-6631
E-mail: or visit:
On-line Chatting

Q: Do you have special on-line classroom?

A: Yes. If the student has encountered very difficult problems we will schedule special on-line classroom to help student to solve the problem step-by-step.

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Davis Chen, Paraprofessional
Director for High School Tutoring
JD Global
North Port,  FL 33938
Cell: 321-262-6631


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