School Improvement via JD Learning Management System

JD Learning Management System (JDLMS) is a software application for the school administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of teaching programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content. It has much more features than any other Learning Management Systems have in helping teachers, students, parents and administrators. It is a high robust LMS able to do the following:


- centralize and automate administration

- use self-service and self-guided services

- assemble and deliver learning content rapidly

- consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform

- support portability and standards

- personalize content and enable knowledge reuse.

- deliver online training

- increasing parental involvement in Grades K-12


JDLMS is not only a type of system for managing training and educational records, but also a type of software for distributing courses over the Internet with features for online collaboration. It could automate record-keeping, student registration, parent notification, teacher grading, on-line assessment, collaborative learning (e.g., application sharing, discussion threads), and training resource management (e.g., instructors, facilities, equipment), etc. Automated grading could reduce at least 50% of teacher workload and generate a huge saving in paper, ink, printers, work-hours, etc.


JDLMS is also Web-based to facilitate access to learning content and administration and to enhance and to support classroom teaching including "performance management systems", which encompass student assessments, competency management, skills-gap or learning-gap analysis, succession planning and guide training material selection. Especially, it can conduct real time statistical analysis of error frequency patterns for a large number of students in a classroom so as to guide effective instruction; the system can achieve 100% automation in grading almost 90% of learning assignments.


For example, in August 2010, Johnson Middle School Principal, saw the students we trained achieved level 5 in FCAT Science but only 19% of his 8th grade students passed the FCAT Science. He requested us to develop a program to improve his students' performance in Science. Particularly, he wanted his teachers to give students a quick quiz to check whether they master what has been taught in the beginning of each class. We follow the pattern of concepts and instruction used by the materials adopted at the school, integrate 50-state released / sample science tests, and use statistics and computation technology to customize our learning management system to meet his needs.

Additionally, a 2011 graduate of Hengshui school girl saved all her tests done from freshmen to senior, piling up to 2.41 meters. She finally admitted to the University of Hong Kong. However, our technology could effectively manage and analyze her 2.41 meters of test questions, and especially track her mistakes from each test.

JD Learning Management System (JDLMS) is a powerful solution of turning around low-performing students and low-performing schools.

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